Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Bond 2023

Enrollment Growth

The 2023 Bond Proposal is projected to address enrollment growth and capital improvements for the district for an estimated seven years. During that time period, EMS ISD enrollment is expected to grow by 4,700+ new students.

Enrollment Projection for the Life of the Bond Proposal

The district’s middle school enrollment will soon be over capacity at two campuses: Wayside Middle School and Prairie Vista Middle School.

High school capacity issues will be resolved with the opening of Eagle Mountain High School in 2024; this campus was already approved by voters and is currently under construction.

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is in the top six DFW school districts for annual home closings and is actually the only one in the top six to have more new home starts than annual closings.

EMS has the highest number of lots in development (3,950) of any school district in the DFW region – even more than Northwest ISD.

EMS is experiencing an increase in single-family home starts while the rest of the DFW area is experiencing a 20% drop over last year.

EMS ISD enrollment is growing by about 700 students annually. That’s the equivalent of opening a large-size elementary or mid-size middle school campus every year.


Current Enrollment


Projected in 2026-2027


Projected in 2031-2032


Projected by 2040
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